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Departmental Tests
As per the Public Service Commission Regulations, AP State Public Service Commission conducts Departmental Examinations for employees working in various Departments under State Government of AP. The Commission conducts Departmental Examinations twice a year i.e., in May and November for the promotions to the employees. The Departmental examinations are held at ten (13) District. The candidates are admitted to the District Centre concerned where the candidates are presently working...


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Expert Panel
M.A.Kareem (Faculty in History and General Studies)
K.V. Krishnaiah (Faculty in Anthropology & General Studies)
  K.Ramchandra Reddy (Fuculty in Geography & General Studies)
  Krishna Reddy (Faculty in Political Science & Constitutiol of India)
  R.Raghuram Reddy (Faculty in Geography and General Studies)
  Nagarjuna (Faculty in Economy /Economics)
  P.Maruthi Prasad (Faculty in Telugu Literature)
  Satyanarayana(Faculty in History)
  S.Ravindra Babu(Faculty for Departmental Tests)
  Mothilal B Naik(Faculty in Career Counselling & e-Learning)
Sharath Chandra Ajay Babu (Faculty in Geography)