images Planner 2019

imagesPlanner/Calendar runs entirely in “the cloud”. You can have access to your planner from any device with the internet connection. It can sync with any Smartphone/iPods and allows you to schedule your meetings/events virtually from anywhere, even if you don’t have a computer.

When scheduling events, you can also schedule reminders to help you remember to do something.  You can also have the option to customize how and when that reminder is delivered.  It may either be emailed to you or may pop up as a reminder.  If you choose pop up and sync your -Planner/Calendar with your Smartphone/iPod, the reminder pops up on your phone as well.

images-Planner/Calendar allows you to set permission levels on each individual calendar to control the amount of power you grant to other people.  You can allow them to have full access to create and change event details on that specific calendar or set it up so they can only view the event but not edit it.

Enjoy flipping the pages of e-calendar….

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