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There are many reasons why people keep a diary. You can buy a specially designed diary, some of which even come with small padlocks on them. Or you can use your computer, choosing to save what you write on the hard drive or even the Internet. This e-diary required a great deal of discussion and research. This piece forced us to think, to organize, and to revise, revise, revise. To begin with, We had detailed Our personal preferences concerning diary-making.

I am responsible for all major areas of the formation, data collection, as well as the majority of manuscript composition. P.Sharhat chandra, M.Ajay, B.Mothilal, A.Raghavendra chary, K.Kiran involved in the early stages of its formation and contributed to edits. G.Ramamurthy, M.Shiva Vijay Kumar, Dr.G.Venkat Narayana contributed to data collection and manuscript edits. My transition between thoughts was rough, yet we were pleased with the work of our colleagues in bringing out this diary. We actually looked forward to constructing this, and was therefore disheartened when we encountered numerous difficulties after the completion of the first draft.

The entire work was done within the context of giving prominence to the Information Technology by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. We feel that the diary which we have brought out is a representative and reflective of my talents, interests, strengths, and weaknesses as an employee. It reveals the struggles that we have faced while creating…., but they are also indicative of our growth and improvement. It focuses the richest experiences and insights concerning our involvement with the affairs of the government.

It contains important government orders, contact information of key people within the government of AP, the details about the who’s who of the A.P. Government i.e., the Council of Ministers, etc.

Being a diary, it contains information at various levels, ranging from relatively simple things to quite advanced problems. It makes it possible to give clear information to its users to concentrate just on what is needed.